Learning Opportunities

At Siam Singapore International School, the school’s holistic approach aims to produce individuals who are well-rounded and ready to participate in society. Exciting and Experiential learning opportunities take students beyond traditional boundaries of the classroom and encourage authentic hands-on, minds-on learning. Students are provided with the opportunity to learn about themselves, other people, different cultures and the world around them.

Our “Beyond the Classroom” experiences include educational field trips, dance, music, and art. Language acquisition and development is made through multi-disciplinary activities such as sports, rock climbing, taekwondo, and cooking.

Physical Education is an integral part of a child’s development. It is an instructional programme which is suitable for both learners with or without disability. (PE) lessons are experiential learning moments that go beyond the classroom. It builds character, develops social skills, fosters teamwork and encourages fair play. PE at the primary level focuses on broad-based development, and the wide scope of activities helps to develop the fundamental movement skills of a child. Based on a comprehensive assessment, Physical Education gives students the skills necessary for a lifetime of rich leisure, recreation, and sports experiences to enhance physical fitness and wellness. We hope to instill a love for a physically active lifestyle in our students, which will be an asset to them long after they have left school.

Art plays an important role in everyday life. It exists all around us in different colours, pattern, and form. Through art, students are able to express themselves by communicating their thoughts and emotions using images. It also encourages the development of creativity and a sense of self-worth. The aim of Arts Education is to enable every child to be visually literate, to observe, understand, and make meaning of what they see. In addition, it helps to develop an appreciation for art where students will be taught to see the value and recognise the relevance of art in their lives.


All students from preschool to secondary are encouraged to become involved in all music activities. Music education engages and inspires pupils to develop a love of music, develop their talents and increase their self-confidence, creativity, and sense of achievement. With these, the school will produce brilliant and amazing musicians in the future.

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