21st Century Learning

21st-Century-Learning-Model-Singapore21st Century Learning Skills

At Siam Singapore International School, we strive to nurture our students to be ready to enter a world which is shaped by globalisation and technological advancements. To help each child thrive, we aim to develop 21st Century Competencies and cultivate him to become:

    • A confident person who is adaptable and resilient, has a strong sense of right and wrong, is discerning in judgment, independent and critical thinker, and an effective communicator.


    • An active contributor who is innovative, works effectively in teams, strives for excellence, and takes calculated risks.


    • A self-directed learner who questions, reflects, perseveres, and takes ownership of his own learning.


    • A concerned citizen who is rooted to their society and traditions, has a strong sense of civic responsibility, informed about the world, and participates actively in better the lives of others.

The 21st Century Competencies also encapsulates values and competencies which are identified as being fundamental in the development of every child. The framework incorporates:

    • Core Vales such as respect, resilience, integrity, care, responsibility, and harmony


    • Social and emotional competencies such as self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness, relationship management, and responsible decision making


    • Emerging 21st Century Competencies such as critical an inventive thinking, collaboration and information skills, civic literacy, global awareness, and cross-cultural skills

To develop these vales and competencies in our students, Siam Singapore International School integrates subject disciplines, enrichment programmes, as well as a diverse range of after-school activities which provides a platform for students to learn and apply these vales and competencies, while discovering their interests and talents.

With quality Physical Education, Art classes, and Music and Movement classes, it enables all students to develop physical robustness, enhance their creative capacities, and shape their personal, social, and cultural identities.

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