SuperCity Preschool

Facilitating Academic Excellence through Inquiry and Play.

Research has shown that young children learn best through inquiry and child-centered learning. At Siam Singapore International School, we understand that these early years are fundamental to your child’s future successes. Young children are powerful learners who bring their own ideas and interpretations of their experiences to their learning. As active and self-motivated learners, preschoolers are eager to develop communication skills and inquire about the world around them when they are actively involved in learning experiences that appeals to their senses.

At Siam Singapore International School, our inquiry and play-based programme provides the optimal environment where children are encouraged to experience and do things for themselves spontaneously, but at the same time being guided towards the right direction by their educators.

This fun and meaningful experience will enhance childhood development and nurture success in the important early years of a child’s education. Additionally, Supercity Preschool teaches the principles of respect, responsibility, and community though exploration and discovery in a supportive and enriching environment of fun and care.

Level Age
Nursery 1 2-3 years old
Nursery 2 3-4 years old
Kindergarten 1 4-5 years old
Kindergarten 2 5-6 years old

Aesthetics and Creative Expression – Art and Music and Movement foster the development of the whole child, including the cognitive, physical, social-emotional and creative domains. Art and music and movement experiences help to promote children’s imagination and creativity which motivates them to express themselves without inhibition.

Art – Children will experiment with colours, shapes, patterns and texture as they learn to express themselves creatively through different art media and techniques.

Music and Movement– Children will explore rhythm, pitch, dynamics, and tempo as they listen and sing to a variety of music from different genres. They will also get to play musical instruments. They will be encouraged to express their ideas and feelings about the music they hear by talking or dramatising it as they move freely with their body through movement.

By the end of Kindergarten 2, you child will be able to:

  • Show an appreciation for art and music and movement activities
  • Express ideas and feelings through art and music and movement
  • Create art and music and movement using imagination
  • Share ideas and feelings regarding art, music and movement

Discovery of the World – Children are naturally curious and are filled with wonder and fascination of the world around them. To satisfy their inquisitiveness, they will be given opportunities to explore, experiment, create, and discover about the world around them. Children will be encouraged to interact with their surroundings to widen their knowledge and acquire the necessary skills to make sense of their world.
At Siam Singapore International School, instead of expecting children to understand logical and scientific concepts, we place more emphasis on allowing the child to draw their own observations and conclusions through hands-on learning, inside and outside of the classroom. We hope to sustain and extend their curiosity, to nurture them into life-long learners.

By the end of Kindergarten 2, you child will be able to:

  • Show an interest and develop a positive attitude towards the world they live in
  • Find out why things happen, how they happen, and conduct simple investigations

Language and Literacy – Children begin learning language from the time they are born. They pick up the skills as they listen to adults talking and reading to them, and as they interact and play with their friends. Having a small student-teacher ratio in our classes, children are given more opportunities to observe and interact with their native-speaking teachers which helps them to understand intonation, gestures, and facial expressions necessary to make sense of the words being spoken, on top of honing receptive and productive skills.

We aim to provide an environment that provides real and meaningful contexts for children to use language. Through Observation, Participation, Practice, and Performance, we strive to develop literate behaviours even before entering Primary School.

By the end of Kindergarten 2, you child will be able to:

  • Listen for information
  • Speak to convey meaning and communicate with others
  • Read with understanding
  • Use writing with invented and conventional spelling to communicate ideas and information

Numeracy – Young learners enter school with some knowledge and experiences about numbers and shapes. We aim to build on this knowledge by designing learning activities that enable them to make connections between what they already know, and apply these concepts to everyday life.

Supercity Preschool being a numeracy-rich environment, it provides students with the resources and experience to explore and develop new skills. These skills include concepts such as matching, sorting, ordering, comparing, patterning, counting and number sense, basic shapes and space.

By the end of Kindergarten 2, you child will be able to:

  • Use and recognise simple relationships and patterns
  • Use numbers in daily experiences
  • Recognise and use basic shapes and simple spatial concepts in daily experiences

Motor Skills Development – Motor skills development is a progressive change in motor behaviour that is age-related. As children develop at different paces, Siam Singapore International School takes the differentiated teaching approach where teachers will modify and adapt activities to suit each and every child’s needs.

Students will participate and practise physical activities and skills such as cutting, threading, bending, throwing and catching. Additionally, students will gain a better perspective of Body awareness, Space awareness, Effort awareness and Relationship awareness through these activities.

By the end of Kindergarten 2, you child will be able to:

  • Participate in a variety of physical activities
  • Demonstrate control, coordination and balance in gross motor tasks
  • Demonstrate control and coordination in fine motor tasks
  • Develop health habits and safety awareness

Social and Emotional Development – When children develop self-awareness, they are able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Children need to develop a positive sense of themselves in relation to their peers, family and society. As they gain a better understanding of themselves, they also learn to respect the uniqueness of others and will begin to forge positive relationships with others.

We strive to provide a supportive environment in which children feel secure about discovering who they are and expressing their emotions. Our aim is to develop every child’s personal identity and ability to:

  • Manage their own emotions and behaviours
  • Show respect for diversity
  • Communicate, interact and build relationships
  • Take responsibility for their actions


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