School Philosophy


“Challenging students to reach their academic and social potential”

The mission of Siam Singapore International School is to provide students a diverse education in a safe and supportive environment that promotes self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning. The school, together with the parents, work hand in hand to assist the students in developing skills to become independent and self-sufficient adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly in the global community.



Siam Singapore International School aims to be the preferred, trusted, and premier institution that offers Singapore-UK styled education. Our vision is to inspire, educate, and transform the bright children of today to champions of success for tomorrow.



“Brilliance, Vision, Success”

  • Brilliance – A good education provides the foundation for a bright future
  • Vision – The academy’s unique blend of International and Asian curriculum will facilitate each child to seek and realise his or her true vision in life
  • Success – Instilling a passion of success is the cornerstone of developing a child’s self-confidence. The school strives to develop well-rounded children of today into successful adults of tomorrow.



  • To educate students in a stimulating environment to the highest possible academic standards using a Singapore-UK curriculum with an international perspective
  • To educate world citizens who, celebrating both their shared humanity and cultural diversity, will shape a more peaceful world
  • To instill respect, tolerance, integrity, responsibility and compassion to shape our students into confident and independent risk-takers
  • To educate students to be adaptable, reflective, and inquiring throughout their lives
  • To inspire creativity in each student in its broadest aspect and help to enlarge the human spirit both aesthetically and morally
  • To educate students to be respectful of and knowledgeable about their local and global environment



Stemming from our mission statement are four characteristics each student is to exhibit at all times.

R – Respect

  • Respect your teacher, your classmates and your family at all times

I – Integrity

  • Be honest at all times
  • Tell the truth
  • If you don’t understand, be honest
  • If it’s your fault, own up

S – Social Responsibility

  • Be responsible for your school work
  • Take care and look after one another
  • In whatever you say, do be sensitive – do not make insensitive remarks about one another’s religion or race
  • Take care and keep the  classroom and school properties in good condition at all times

E – Excellence

  • In everything you do, do your best effort and strive for excellence

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