Siam Singapore Prenursery curriculum (ages:12 to 23 months) is largely unstructured and occurs in the contexts of emergent and multi-sensory experiences, encouraging children’s curiosity, discovery, imagination and creative expression. Our Curriculum is designed with the developmental milestones and characteristics of children of this age group in mind. The open-ended nature of the early years experiences ensure a holistic development that lays the foundation for later years learning.

Class Size: 8 – 10 Students

Staff: 1 Native Teacher, 1 Teaching Assistant, and 1 Nanny.

Curriculum offers:

  • Story-based experiences that integrate language and Math complemented by extensions into gross motor activities.
  • Art experiences offer children concrete experiences in exploring Clements of art and experimenting with a variety of art techniques and media.
  • Mandarin & Thai Language Immersion integrate language learning focusing on listening and speaking skills, with extensions into gross motor activities.
  • Learning about letter sounds and letters of the alphabet through visual, auditory and kinesthetic experiences centred around Jolly Phonics.
  • Working in groups, children undertake project inquiry to investigate various topics of interests.
  • Creative play and construction, socio-dramatic, cognitive and manipulative play that engage children in creative, social and physical play while providing a platform for communication, collaboration, creative thinking and problem-solving.

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