Secondary School

Learning Outcomes are Realised with a Variety of Experiential-Learning that Builds Excellence.

Our secondary school curriculum is a standards-based, pre-university preparatory education which is divided into two academic programmes. The Pre-IGCSE for students in Secondary 1 and 2 and the IGCSE for students in Secondary 3 and 4 (combined). Both programmes are taught by subject specialists who are highly qualified and have significant expertise in their field.

At Siam Singapore International School, we encourage our students to be active learners, blending traditional academic subjects with real world “inquiry-based” learning and investigation, as well as problem-solving skills. In school, our students go beyond learning facts and figures, creating new knowledge by utilising the array of tools available to them in today’s information age.

We understand the need for creativity, activity, and experiential learning in order to develop a holistic child. In addition to academic excellence, students participate in athletics, arts, leadership and community service, and field trips, via curricular and extracurricular offerings. The programme is designed to support students in becoming confident, responsible, innovative, reflective, and engaged.

A positive work ethic, strong parent-teacher partnership, and small class sizes translate our secondary school into a remarkable learning environment from which the best learning outcomes are realised.

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