After School Activities

After School (Preschool Level)

Phonics Club (K1, K2) - Teacher Vinique

We will be doing revision work for the phonics sounds your child has covered in class. We will also learn more vocabulary to expand your child’s knowledge.

Math Club (N2, K1, K2) - Teacher Sarah

Extra help with topics covered in math class. Students will be excited to study math with less of a focus on worksheets and more focus on fun games and activities.

Gymnastics (K1, K2) combined with Primary & Secondary – Teacher Jahn

Learning gymnastics as an individual students will learn basic gymnastic movements such as handstands, forward/backward rolls, cartwheels, 3/4 handstands, stand balances and many more.

Computer Games Club (N2, K1, K2) - Teacher Doug

Students will use computers to play a variety of educational games to improve their Math and English skills.

Music Melodian (N2, K1, K2) – Teacher Lonna

This club serves as an introduction to the instrument and will provide students the knowledge on how to make music using the melodian. This includes breathing blowing to make the melodian sounds, reading notes and playing songs/music.

Art Club (N2, K1, K2) - Teacher Sarah

Students will express their creativity through exciting art projects. We will learn how to work with paper mache, clay, paint and more!

Math & Numeracy Club (N2) - Teacher Erika

Students will reinforce Math concepts being taught in the classroom. Topics to include: counting, number identification, patterns, ordering, and basic addition.

Poem Club (N2, K1, K2) - Teacher Vinique

Each week we will learn a short new poem. You child will practice to recite the poem and also learn about the different components that make a poem. We will be working towards your child being able to write its own poem towards the end of the semester.

Manipulatives Club (N2, K1) - Teacher Doug

Nursery students will develop their fine motor skills as they work with a variety of manipulatives: puzzles, play dough, beads, blocks, and more.

Tae Kwan Do (N2, K1, K2) combined with Primary & Secondary – Outsourced

Tae Kwon Do is the art of self defense that originated in Korea. It is recognized as one of the oldest forms of martial arts in the world, reaching back over 2,000 years. The name was selected for its appropriate description of the art: Tae (foot), Kwon (hand), Do (art)

Thai Integration (N2, K1, K2) - Teacher Poo

Thai Integration Club is implemented in order for the students to able to sustain their previous Thai lessons, focusing on listening, speaking, reading and social skills.

English Club (N2) - Teacher Erika

Students will reinforce their conversational English skills through a variety of listening and speaking activities. They will also work improving their writing and pre-reading skills.

Mandarin Cultural Study (N2, K1, K2) - Teacher Ella

Students will learn Chinese culture in different ways from stories, songs, articles and classical cartoons etc.

Dr. Suess Club Reading Club (N2, K1, K2) - Teacher Vinique

Each week we will read one of Dr. Suess’s story books and understand the meaning by doing different activities relating to the book. Dr Suess is known for fun rhyming stories while going on interesting adventures. This is an effective way to encourage your child to love reading.

Book Club (K1, K2) - Teacher Erika

Students gain a deeper understanding for reading by listening to and telling stories. They will also engage their reading, writing, and math skills through the use of story and picture books.

Homework Club (K1, K2) - Teacher Doug

Homework Club will begin with a story, read by Teacher Doug. After that, students will be assisted as they work on their homework.

Science Club (K1, K2) - Teacher Sarah

Students conduct exciting experiments while learning how to observe and record like true scientists. We will create foaming chemical reactions; learn about the human body, plants and much more!

No after school activities

After School (Primary and Secondary Levels)

English Drama

An experienced actor and theatre director, Teacher Ian welcomes students from Primary and Secondary School with interest in drama to participate in drama games and structured short play or musical. This acting, singing and a bit of dancing extravaganza will be the headline of this year Christmas Show and Graduation Ceremony with a performance from one of Britain’s West End most iconic show. We are bringing London to Bangkok.


This sport gives participants the chance to workout in a fun manner and at the same time sustain the discipline and skills.


This club serves as an introduction to the instrument and will provide participants the knowledge on how to make music using the melodian. This includes breathing (blowing to make the melodian sound)  reading notes and playing many songs/music.

Level: Primary

Requirement: Each student must have their own instrument.


Participants will be introduced to robotics and its context. They will be able to explore its mechanical components and hence building their first robot from scrap materials.

Zumba and Cardio Dance

It is implemented in order for the participants to sustain the lesson in Zumba and Cardio Dance skills activity. It is expected that participants will focus on exercise, workout and have fun with music and at the same time maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

Comics Appreciation

The club would allow participants to improve their writing, especially creative writing skills. They will be able to work on their writing skills whilst encouraging a love for reading and motivating them to read for fun. Participants will also get the chance to use technology to come up with creative and interesting stories i.e. PowerPoint. It would be great if they are able to showcase their finished products, maybe printing their comics and sharing them with their friends/school. Each week, participants will look at a variety of different comics, have discussions and draw and create our own short comic strips/books.


Promoting day to day problem solving and thinking skills that can be applied to class work and studies through puzzle solving. There are lots of opportunities for participants to solve challenging Mathematics and Sciences puzzles.


use and setting of the chessboard. They will be familiar with the basic rules and terminologies and be able to use algebraic notation when storing scores. They will also be learning the various rapid movements on the chessboard for instant victory/defeat. (The Fool’s Mate)


This club serves as an introduction to the instrument and will provide students the knowledge on how to make music using the ukulele. This includes strumming, rhythms, as well as playing different chords.

Level: Primary


This programme allows participants to concentrate on building confidence in the water, developing and maintaining swimming strokes such as (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly stroke, and etc.) and teaching safety skills around the water.